Fact: Nearly 1 in 4 Americans is either directly affected by Bipolar Disorder (they have the condition) or indirectly affected (they support someone with the condition)…

But the Vast Majority Don’t Even Realize It For the First 2 Years After Symptoms First Appear!

How is this possible?

Sadly, when Bipolar Symptoms first begin to appear, most people assume that the symptoms are only temporary and will “go away on their own” in time—but they never do. In fact, if left untreated, Bipolar Symptoms actually worsen with time—they don’t go away or get better on their own.

So what are the main symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

  • Mood Swings That Tend to Lead to Fighting and Arguments
  • Inability to Set and Attain Realistic Goals
  • Underachievement In Career or Inability to Maintain Steady Employment
  • Substance Abuse (drugs, alcohol, and even over-eating are examples)
  • Manic Episodes of Extreme Happiness and Lofty Goals Typically Followed by Depression and Giving Up on Goals
  • Lies and Deception that Spread and Grow Worse with Time
  • Sleeping Problems Including Both Insomnia and Sleeping Too Much

And the Most Devastating Symptom of All and the #1 Cause of Divorce and Relationship Problems For Persons with Bipolar Disorder….

Money Problems That Just Seem to Get Worse As Time Goes On…

Dollar for dollar, Bipolar Disorder can literally be one of the most expensive problems that you or your loved one ever face—and it has almost surely already cost you and/or your loved one $1,000’s! If Bipolar Disorder isn’t costing you and your loved one directly, then it is almost certainly lowering your lifestyle and income potential indirectly!

Here are just the direct costs associated with untreated Bipolar Disorder:

  • Substance Abuse Costs: If substance abuse is one of your loved one’s Bipolar Disorder symptoms, then the direct costs can literally be in the $1,000’s of dollars each year. If they are able to hold down steady employment, then they likely have the money to pay for the substance abuse themselves—if not, then you or possibly even criminal activity are financing this very expensive Bipolar symptom!

  • Unplanned Discretionary Spending: If your loved one is prone to spending sprees and making unplanned purchases that can throw off the family budget, then the actual cost of this Bipolar symptom can easily run into the $100’s—even $1,000’s—each and every year!

  • Late Fees, Penalties, NSF Charges: Does your loved one have trouble paying their bills on time causing late fees, over limit charges, and other fees to be added on to bills? Even one bounced check can cause a $40 or higher NSF charge from your bank AND possibly another fee from whoever you wrote the check to—so this direct cost can also add up to $100’s or more each and every year.

Here are just a few of the indirect costs of Bipolar Disorder:

  • Unemployed or Underemployed: If your loved one has been unable to hold down steady employment or seems “stuck” in a dead end job, then they might be losing out on $1,000’s-$10,000’s each and every year!

  • Higher Interest Rates: People who can’t pay their bills on time end up with lower credit scores and must pay higher interest rates on the money they borrow. On a house or even car loan, those higher interest rates could potentially add up to $1,000’s in lost purchasing power for the life of the loan!

When You Add Up Both the Direct and Indirect Costs of Bipolar Disorder, It Can Literally Add Up to $1000’s—even $10,000’s—Each and Every Year!

By the time you even realize that your loved one has Bipolar Disorder, its likely to have already cost $1,000’s in direct and indirect costs—and they only get worse and more severe as time goes on!

But Even After Bipolar Disorder is Finally Diagnosed, The Fighting, Lies, Money Problems, etc. Can Still Continue for Months—Even Years!

That’s right—even after Bipolar Disorder has been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist or other Mental Health Professional—it can literally take years to fully manage your loved one’s Bipolar symptoms!

Why would it possibly take so long to manage the Bipolar symptoms once the diagnosis has been made?

It doesn’t. With the proper tools and weekly visits with a certified Bipolar or mental health professional, it's entirely possible to manage symptoms in just a few short weeks in the majority of cases.

But When left untreated, Bipolar Symptoms Only Get Worse with time—NEVER better!

Bipolar Disorder is what is known as a “Progressively Degenerative” condition which is just another way of saying that if left untreated, Bipolar Disorder symptoms INTENSIFY in both SEVERITY and FREQUENCY.

Left untreated, Bipolar Disorder leads to a very destructive and predictable downward spiral that advances in stages that include one or more of the following:

  • Long Periods of Unemployment or Underemployment
  • Divorce or Inability to Maintain Long Term Relationships
  • Bankruptcy and Long Term Financial Problems
  • Homelessness or Living with Other Friends/Relatives

And a Staggering 1 in 4 Persons With Bipolar Disorder Eventually Talk About or Attempt Suicide…

What may only be fighting and arguing today can and will eventually spiral into life-destroying consequences—but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Although scientists have yet to identify any true cure for Bipolar Disorder, it is possible to completely manage symptoms and lead a full and productive life. The key is to learn and successfully implement specific symptom management tools and strategies that ultimately help your loved one lead the full and productive lives they want and deserve.

And now you can learn and implement 10 of the most powerful Bipolar Symptom management tools and end the financial, emotional, and relationship problems once and for all—for a fraction of what you would pay for just one doctor’s visit!

The Ten Secrets To Supporting a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder Provides You with the 10 Best Strategies for Managing Each and Every One of Your Loved One’s Bipolar Symptoms!

Everyone is affected by Bipolar Disorder differently so your loved one may only have 2 or 3 symptoms—and The Ten Secrets to Supporting a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder will show you exactly how to manage each and every one of them! You don’t have to worry about clinical “Dr. Speak”—every secret to managing each Bipolar symptom is laid out in very simple, “Common Sense” approach!

  • Learn How to Quickly Predict, Manage, and Prevent Mood Swings!
  • Discover How to “Retrain Your Loved One’s Mind” to Avoid Self-Destructive Behaviors!
  • Top Financial Tips that Will Help Prevent Your Loved One’s Bipolar Disorder From Bankrupting You!
  • Learn How To Predict—and Better Control—Your Loved One’s “Bad Episodes”!
  • Help Your Loved One Set and Attain Goals Again!
  • End the “Unemployment/Underemployment” Problem Once and For All!
  • Discover the Single Biggest Thing Your Loved One Needs to Regain Control Over Their Lives!
  • And Much, Much More!

You Get Everything You Need to Immediately Help Your Loved One Manage ALL of Their Bipolar Symptoms Using Step-by-Step, “Common Sense” Strategies That Really Work…

For Just $47!

We Are So Confident That The 10 Secrets is Going to Significantly and Noticeably Change You and Your Loved One’s Lives in the First 30 Days, We Back It Up With Not One—But Two—Money Back Guarantees!

  45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

   More than 90% of supporters using The 10 Secrets To Supporting a Loved
   One with Bipolar Disorder

  • Significantly Fewer Mood Swings, Fights, and Arguments in 30 Days
    or Less
  • Loved One Actively Seeking Employment and/or Advancement in
    Current Employment
  • Fewer Impulsive Purchases and Greater Accountability with Financial Responsibilities
  • Loved One Making Genuine Commitment to Being More Honest and
    Open with Others About Their Condition
  • Increased Focus and Commitment to Attaining Goals
  • Lower Overall Stress Levels for Everyone Connected to Your Loved

You have a full 45 days to learn and use The Ten Secrets and see for yourself how these 10 common sense but fully effective “Secrets” can help end the fighting, the lying, and the self-destructive behaviors in your loved one. If they don’t or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 45 days from the date of your purchase and we will be happy to issue a full refund within 1 business or less—no questions, no hassles, no b.s.

Save $47 in 30 Days or Receive a Full Refund

More than 6 in 10 persons with Bipolar Disorder report moderate to severe financial hardship in the past 12 months when they are initially diagnosed with the condition. Between impulsive purchases, inability to maintain a budget, unemployment or underemployment, the direct and indirect costs of Bipolar Disorder can literally add up to $1,000’s each and every year!

Secret #3, Secret #8 and Secret #4 were specifically designed to help end the financial free-fall caused by Bipolar Disorder. These 3 secrets alone can help save you and/or your loved one more than $100 per month. Although the savings won’t appear overnight, The 10 Secrets to Supporting a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder is 100% guaranteed to save you and/or your loved one AT LEAST $47 or we’ll happily refund your $47 investment.

Either Way, You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose So Order Now and Gain Immediate Access to the Proven, Common Sense Tools and Strategies You Need to Manage Your Loved One’s Bipolar Symptoms Once and For All.

So How Exactly Will The 10 Secrets to Supporting a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder Help Improve Your Loved One’s Life and Make You Our Next Success Story?

Let’s take a look at a typical person with Bipolar Disorder both before and after their loved one used The 10 Secrets to help them:

Typical Person with Bipolar Disorder Before The Ten Secrets

  • Won’t Admit They Have Bipolar Disorder
  • Had and Lost 5 or More Jobs in Past 5 Years
  • More than $8,000 In Credit Card Debt
  • Can’t Set Or Maintain a Budget
  • No Savings
  • Dramatic Mood Swings Leading to Constant Fighting and Arguing with Other Family Members
  • Lying to Friends/Family Members and Getting Angry When Confronted

Yes—it can truly get this bad and even worse when you aren’t actively helping your loved one to manage their Bipolar symptoms! As time goes on and symptoms remain unmanaged, the severity and frequency of symptom outbreaks will only get worse.

But it doesn’t have to be this way….

Typical Person with Bipolar Disorder Just 30 Days After The Ten Secrets

  • Admit they Have Bipolar Disorder and Need to Manage Symptoms
  • Actively Seeking Employment or Employed and Seeking Advancement
  • Finances Are Planned and Loved One is Spending Less Than They Earn
  • Significantly Fewer Mood Swings, Fights, and Arguments
  • Credit Cards No Longer Used Except for Emergencies and Are Actively Being Paid Off
  • Loved One Aware of Lying Problem and Confrontations Are Less Angry and More Constructive

In just 30 days or less, more than 90% of supporters report significant and noticeable improvements in their loved ones—that’s just 4 short weeks from right now! Without symptom management, your loved one and their symptoms will continue to worsen. But in less than 30 days and for the one-time investment of just $47—less than ½ the cost of just one doctor’s visit—you can finally do something and finally help you and your loved one live the happier, more fulfilling lives you want and deserve!

Yes—These Same “10 Secrets” Have Already Helped Create 1,000’s of Success Stories!

Living with a Bipolar person can almost make you think you are going crazy yourself. This material has provided me with information that I can specifically relate to and that I have not found anywhere else...

--April B., PA

If you have Bi-polar or you care for someone with Bi-polar, this material should be a part of your everyday life or you may not be able to be the foundation you need to be for a stable life to survive on.


Your [materials] have given me the courage to continue my life, while dealing with my 6 year old son, who was recently diagnosed with Bipolar...with your encouraging words, it all seems a little easier...I have already recommended the [materials] to my Aunt, who also has a bipolar son.


Now Here’s Exactly What’s Included in The Ten Secrets To Supporting a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder:

How To Stop/Manage Your Loved One’s
Mood Swings and Diffuse

Sudden and dramatic mood swings are one of the most common Bipolar symptoms and they can lead to miserable fights and arguments that never to end—until now. Secret #1 will teach you exactly how to quickly and effectively diffuse your loved one’s anger to stop ongoing fights and arguments.

Stopping Mood Swings and Arguments Before They Happen

While Secret #1 will help stop an ongoing mood swing and the resulting fight/argument, Secret #2 is devoted to helping you identify and manage the “triggers” that lead to your loved one’s mood swings! This simple but critical Secret can literally help end the senseless fighting and arguing caused by Bipolar Disorder!

Getting Your Money Right, Part 1

Spending sprees, mountains of debt, and general problems with money are all common with persons suffering from Bipolar Disorder and one of the biggest cause of strain in relationships. Secret #3 shows you how to reorganize your finances and the way your loved one handles money so that debts are paid down and savings is built up.

Getting Your Money Right, Part 2

Because Bipolar Disorder can completely devastate finances and make it difficult or even impossible to pay off debt or build savings, Secret #4 is actually a Bipolar Resource Guide loaded with tips and resources that can help drastically reduce or eliminate medication expenses, legally protect your finances, secure additional resources in your area, etc.!

How To Constructively Confront Your Loved One’s Lies

Lying is one of the biggest problems for people with Bipolar Disorder because in addition to the initial deception—they often become very confrontational and defensive when confronted about their lies. This vital Secret #5 teaches you how to constructively confront your loved one about their lying so that you not only avoid the typical defensive response—but actually reduce the likelihood that they lie in the future!

So what other "Secrets" are included?




Helping Your Loved One Set and
Conquer Goals Again

The inability to set and attain realistic goals is one of the most common Bipolar symptoms and one that literally prevents millions from living the lives they want and deserve. Fortunately, there are very high-functioning individuals with Bipolar Disorder who can set and attain very big goals and this Secret #6 will share some of their tips setting and attaining goals with Bipolar Disorder.

How To Deal With Your Loved One’s Mania and the Depression that Follows

Mania is another common Bipolar symptom and it is characterized by someone who experiences a period where they tend to have grandiose beliefs, set unattainable goals, etc. Manic episodes can literally last for days—or even weeks—at a time and this Secret #7 will help you both identify “triggers” that can lead to manic episodes plus tips for helping your loved one “gently” end a current episode.

How To End the Unemployment/ Underemployment Problem

The inability to hold down steady employment or chronic underemployment are both huge problems for persons with Bipolar Disorder and can lead to indirect costs that run into the $1,000’s—or even $10,000’s—each and every year the problem continues. Secret #8 will show you some very simple yet effective motivational techniques to help end the job hopping once and for all.

How to Constructively Address
Substance Abuse Problems

Depending on the severity and duration of the substance abuse, it is likely that your loved one will require specific and separate help to fully address. However, Secret #8 will help you to constructively address a substance abuse problem with your loved one so that they both admit and accept their problem so that further help and cessation efforts are then possible.

How To Help Your Loved One End the “Sleep” Rollercoaster

It is not uncommon for persons with Bipolar Disorder to swing in between periods of little to no sleep (usually during manic episode) and periods when they seem to sleep all day (usually during depressive state that follows manic episode). By eliminating this destructive sleep cycle, you can dramatically reduce the risk for mood swings, anger, and the manifestation of other Bipolar symptoms. Secret #10 provides some very simple but effective strategies for ending the “Sleep Rollercoaster” and thus minimizing the risk of triggering other Bipolar symptoms.

Don’t Suffer Another Day without Arming Yourself with the Tools and Common Sense Solutions You Need to Finally Help Your Loved One Manage Their Symptoms and Lead the Full, Productive Lives they Were Meant To Live!

To Living the Life You and Your Loved One Truly Want and Deserve,

The BipolarCentral Staff

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